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    'Creating Panorama' never finishes.

    nickynqns Level 1

      Lightroom CC recently updated - last week or week before. I'm running 2015.9 [ 1106920 ] on Win7.


      Recently went to stitch a panorama. Now the process in the top-left corner never finishes:

      creating panorama.png

      It just sits there, for hours. CPU is not spiked, barely hovering above 2% right now.


      Unlike this person machine has been rebooted. Problem arose after recent update. Panorama is actually created, it's there, on disk and in Lightroom.


      If I go to exit program I'm prompted with:

      quit lightroom.png

      After re-launching the program, the panorama that was "in progress" but previously confirmed made and on disk is still present. It was made, and not deleted.


      Please advise how to finish the 'Creating Panorama' process from the top-left taskbar. It's annoying it just sitting there, never finishing. Since recent update.