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    Re linking offline media After effects


      I have a proyect I created on a Mac and now moved it to a Windows computer.  When I open de proyect, it sends me a message telling me that I have X offline files.  But I cannot find a way to relink the all media at a time like in premiere, instead of one by one.   

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE will find all sources if they are in the same relative locations to the parent folder. In your case it's very obvious that this isn't the case and you didn't make use of the "Collect Project" function, either. The rest is just the normal differences between operating systems and how the handle files and folders. You will have to live with manual linking if you don't change your procedures.



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            lsdorian Level 1

            Thanks, I didn´t know about the collect Project funtion, I´ll definetely use it from now and on.  I started the manual linking, and for my surprise, when I linked 1 file, AE linked another 46 files that where not in the same folder but in subfolders or the root.  So I finally had to manually link just like 5 files, instead of the 128.  Thanks a lot.