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    Bizarre page offset in spread view


      I have created a simple 8-page document in ID. In setup, it is described as facing pages. Pages 1 and 8 sit on their own at the top and bottom, and the spreads for 2-3, 4-5 and 6-7 sit in between. Bizarrely, at some pint in the editing process (over three weeks or so)) page 2 started displaying offset from page 3 – the entire page sits down about 1/4" from page 3. This can be seen clearly on screen (I will try to attach a screen shot). If I output to a PDF in "Spreads" mode, it looks fine. But if I output as "Pages", sure enough, the content of page 2 sits about 1/4" lower than the content on page 3 (also true when output to hard copy). This is critical and blatantly obvious, since I have a graphic element that spans the entire spread. Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance, M. Davis, Atlanta GA


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          Erica Gamet Adobe Community Professional

          My guess is that the page got moved accidentally with the Page tool. It looks like the elements have remained, but the page moved.


          I would select the Page tool and simply move the page in question back into place. The quick way to check if this is the case (if you don't want to move the page) is to add a bleed around the pages and the red bleed line will outline the pages, even if they are offset.

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