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    Certificate Specifications

    matts57152 Level 1

      Is there a document anywhere that specifies the requirements for certificates to be able to sign documents? I am able to create certificates through Adobe Acrobat Pro and those work, but I am trying to create a working template in my organization that can issue certificates from a single point so we can have trust across the organization.


      I can set Application Policies (Extended Key Usage) and Key Usage settings within my certificates, but I still end up with problems validating the trust chain.


      Currently I have the following Certificate Settings:

      • EKU: Code Signing
      • KU: Digital Signature


      When I look at a signature signed by this cert, I get this:



      Looking at the certificate chain, the Root seems to have a problem with Basic Constraints, but I can't understand what the specific reason is. The only indicators are the Yellow Warning and the red Exclamation mark:



      Can someone help me out?