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    Select Color Range Bug in All Actions -- Workaronds?

    gs55194921 Level 1

      When using Select Color Range in an action "Sampled Colors" mode is not recognized when recorded into an action. It will save the chosen color parameters. Just not the mode. I posted this in feedback.photoshop bugs area and staff confirmed it been logged as of this week. But since it seems it has been a bug for years now who knows when it will be fixed. What I'm wondering is if anyone has workaround ideas.


      Say you go to Select Color Range and record a Sampled Color step. All is well as long as Sampled Colors is the step last in that panel. But then if you the last time you used Select Color Range you applied another mode such as highlight, midtones, reds, skin tones it will not return to Sampled Color until you manually change it. That means if you run an action that uses Sampled Color, the selection comes out wrong because it runs your saved color parameters but will not under any circumstance change the mode to "Sampled Colors. So the section essentially come sup as nothing but you won't know why.


      This does not apply to any other mode in the panel which records perfectly in an action. This is obscure enough that we have probably been using actions for years  that sometimes gave unexpected results and had no idea why. I found one other report on it 3 years old and it still has not been fixed. You can easily repeat it.


      This is a big deal. It means "Sampled Colors" cannot be used in an action and there is no way I have found to add a step in an action that will change it back to "Sampled Colors" or reset the panel. Done in reverse there is no problem. Meaning if the last setting was "Sampled Colors" but the action step calls for Midtones or the like it will run just fine because "Midtones" will be recorded as part of the action step. I even tries manually altering the action as XML with no luck.


      So the question. Does anyone know any command that can be recorded into an action that will get the Color Range panel to switch to Sampled Colors?