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    making an instance shrink and grow continuously

      This is kind of frustrating. According to the Flash help, when using a Tween class, you can refer back to the tween with a "onMotionChanged" and "onMotionFinished" event handlers to call a function after the tween effect has finished or changed. However, in both AS2 and AS3, neither of these work. I get an error in both versions saying that there is no property with the name 'onMotionChanged' or the other. Which means Flash itself does not recognize what it has in its own Help files as a proper event handler. Am I missing something or is this just a cruel joke by them? I have included the import actions in AS. My code is attached.

      I'm trying to call repeat the initial tween transition (iconPulse) in reverse order. I want to create an effect of a pulsing image that shrinks and grows.