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    Cross OS Multi Machine Rendering

    Friberg91 Level 1

      I'm trying to setup multi-machine rendering in my office. I've watched some tutorials from a few different websites where they use both Mac's and PC's to do the job but when I've tried it myself it won't work. The other machines will pick up the project, import it and then it just disappears. Have anyone experienced similar issues or knows what might cause it. One PC is the main computer that the project is running on but in all the tutorials I've watched they've used a Mac as the main computer. Can that be the reason? Another idea I had was to setup the watch folder on a NAS instead of the main computer but I don't know whether that might slow everything down.


      Let me know your thoughts or if anyone has an idea about these issues. I don't get an error which doesn't make it easy for me to figure it out.




      (Also I'm running the most current versions of After Effects and the render engine.)