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    No hardware requirements found for Flash Player 25

      OS Version:   Windows 7 Home Premium

      Web browser version:    Firefox 51.0.1

      Flash Player version:    25

      CPU:   dual Pentium B950 @ 2.1 GHz


      Problem:    Simply put, why are the hardware requirements missing?


          Once upon a time, if I recall correctly, the first thing to do when installing software was to check the system requirements for the software to determine if you meet them or not, lest you waste a lot of time and effort trying to install the software on a system that doesn't meet the system requirements.  After all, an older version of Flash Player that is perhaps 99% functional may be much better than no version at all.

          However, for Adobe Flash Player, performing that task appears to be either so fundamentally obvious that it is no longer listed as a step to complete or it is no longer important enough to be a step.  I think it is very important for the reason stated above and should always be listed as a step to complete.  There are always new people learning how to install software and we don't want people to assume that step isn't necessary.  I think it is simply being overlooked since there are no hardware requirements within the system requirements.

          When I click on the link for "System Requirements" it brings me to  Tech specs | Adobe Flash Player The result is a list of OS's and browser requirements.  What is now missing is the list of hardware requirements.  What I recall seeing for Flash Player 24 was, for at least one option, a Pentium 4 processor with a speed of about 2.3 or 2.4 GHz.  There were RAM requirements as well as HD space requirements.  What I never saw, but have been waiting for is an equivalent dual processor requirement. 


          Again, please provide the hardware requirements for Adobe Flash Player.


      Thanks, spiersk1

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the note.  That page is a little different than the last time I looked at it, too.  I think our docs team is revamping the website.  I'm not really sure what the rationale for dropping the hardware information is, but I have a couple guesses.  I think for all practical purposes, any Intel machine you can buy off the shelf over the last 5 years (at least) should be fine.  A dual-core 1.2Ghz Intel chip (e.g. the modest, modern low-power ones) is definitely more than adequate.


          Just looking at the CPU specs on wikipedia, it seems like you should be fine.  Dual CPU machines are a little interesting because they're not necessarily that much faster than single-CPU systems in all scenarios, but even then, it's like a 2.1Ghz machine.


          My guess is that if you're running into performance problems on this machine, it's because we aren't using your GPU.  I'd make sure you have the latest drivers installed, particularly if you're using the on-board Intel GPU.


          If you're still having performance problems, there's a way to set the CPU affinity for various processes.  You might want to play around with pinning Flash Player and/or the browser to the same CPU to see if your performance issue gets resolved.  Change the Processor Affinity setting in Windows 7 to gain a performance edge - TechRepublic


          Also, if you're on 64-bit Windows 7, you'll get significantly better performance and stability in Flash Player by running 64-bit Firefox (it's not the default download), which you can get here: Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Download Firefox in your language — Mozilla