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    Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working crash


      We have a user who has Acrobat crash whenever he tries to click on text in a PDF that already has textbox comments on it. The error says "Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working" and gives the option to check online for a solution (which doesn't work) or close the program. He was able to send me a partial screenshot of the details of the error message:


      Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

      Application Name: Acrobat.exe

      Application Version: 15.6.30280.16515

      Application Timestamp: 587e7b7b

      Fault Module Name: Acrobat.dll

      Fault Module Version: 15.6.30280.16515

      Fault Module Timestamp: 587e7b56

      Exception Code: c0000005


      Uninstalling Acrpbat, using the AdobeAcroCleaner_DC2015.exe cleaner tool, and re-installing didn't work. Removing all folders (Program files and AppData folders) and registry keys related to Acrobat and having the program recreate them after a re-install and reopening of the Acrobat didn't work. Protected View is off, system fonts aren't found to be corrupt after using the Microsoft Font Validator.


      The only workaround that has been working so far the last couple hours is to have him open a PDF that doesn't have any comments on it, then open the PDF that has will cause the editing crash error. We can also create a new text box on the problematic PDF, immediately delete it, and then edit the existing comments/text boxes without an error. This workaround is ok for now, but it may not work permanently and we'd like a more permanent fix. Any ideas of something else we can try?


      Thank you!


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          harshas13 Adobe Employee



          1. Please try the same in a different user account to see if still crashes.

          2. Also it could be an issue related to files generated from a specific PDF producer.so check the PDF producer by going to File> Properties, on the pdf file, under Description tab , check the name of the PDF producer, see if it is common on the files you are facing issues with.




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