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    Sony RX100 V Lens Profile Correction - which lens profile?

    johnjmurphyiii Level 1

      Just got a Sony RX100 V, and I'm trying to set up the Lens Profile.  The Default set up did not work; adding in the make (Sony), changes the Model and Profile to Sony 100mm F2.8 Macro.  The RX100 V is a 24-70.  A Custom attempt to create a profile shows 2 Sony 24-70 lens entries, the 24-70 ZA SSM and 24-70 ZA SSM II.


      Perhaps the problem is that the RX100 V is a fixed lens, and not interchangeable?  What is the right Lens Profile Correction for the RX100 V?  The answer could be simple, and I'm just overlooking it.  Are there any other RX100 V owners who worked out this problem with the Lightroom CC Lens Profile? 


      Thanks for any help the Lightroom Community can give.