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    What is Pros and Cons of Adobe Muse in Development?


      Hi Everyone,


      Can anyone help me what are the pros and cons of adobe muse in developing a website? Thanks.


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          I wouldn't call muse a development tool. It's more a design and prototyping tool, really, at least in my view. That implies that the design is almost WYSIWYG, but you have limited ways to control the technical aspects of the means used to achieve the design, meaning you have no actual control over the code and have to rely on modularized bits and pieces in widgets that may or may not give you what you want. as a result you end up with bloated and redundant code bits on publishing, a not so stellar SEO compliance and on top of it, as many threads here on this forum show, you always have to keep fingers crossed that stuff doesn't break with every new version or some widget you use doesn't change or else your page breaks down. In the end, I consider sole reliance on Muse slightly foolish. It's nice for slapping stuff together and quickly implement ideas, but at the end of the day it's not surefire way to actually get "good" web sites. Works okay for the usual "Aunt Patsie's Cookie Store" web pages with a limited number of sub-pages, limited requirements in terms of keeping things updated and a primary focus on presentation. On the other hand it's pretty unsuitable for anything beyond that. Even if you create a working prototype/ concept study for a larger site, actually implementing it in Muse is most of the time not worth the while. Cleaning up the published code, inserting dynamic content and so on can be more work than just starting from scratch and only using the Muse prototype as reference...



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