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    cut out animation / stop animation

    Premiere Elements Export

      Hi there

      I'm a songwriter that wants to do my own Monty Python style cut out animation video (examples below) but using the painting of Leornado Da Vinci "The last Supper"


      Monty Python - one of the famous cartoons - YouTube



      I have access to all Creative cloud programs but am uncertain which programs would give the best results and/or be easiest to use ? 

      Someone told me photoshop is best if I am using other peoples images, and that illustrator is best if I am creating images from scratch. Is this true ?

      Others tell me Flash would be good ? some say puppet tool in AE ? Other people have also suggest Character Animator ??.

      I have phoned Adobe technical support but unfortunately most technicians are only familiar with the program they are working with, and have no overall knowledge of which programs might best suit my needs.

      I have imported Da Vincis Last supper in to photoshop and have separated the layers, but I'm happy to drop that and start again should that be the wrong place to start.

      Obviously want to find out which programs are best before i pour hours into it.

      Also any tutorials would be a bonus

      Kind regards