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    Issue with B&H with software for Portrait Pro

    greg14 Level 1

      I decided to buy Portrait Pro "Studio" version which is being sold directly for $59.95 on their website. (Portrait Professional).
      The Studio version is the one that can be a plug in for either PS or LR.


      I had some credits with B&H so I decided to buy it thru them.

      Frankly I did not pay attention to the full write up on the sale as it said Portrait Pro 12.

      Version 15 has been out since 9-15-2015 from threads on various websites.

      When I went to download the software there was a request to upgrade to v15 for an additional $44.95.

      The upgrade said that it was normally $59.95 but because I had v12 they would reduce the purchase by $15.00 which would bring the total to $104.90.

      I wrote to both B&H and Portrait Professional and neither responded with even an auto reply that they received the e-mails I sent.



      Has anyone purchased v15 directly or indirectly from PP and was it for $59.95 or did they pull a bait and switch and ask for more money of $44.95.


      I am trying to keep an open mind with B&H as I have used them for years without a single problem and want to make sure I understand where and who the problem lies with.