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    Document signed by a third-party application shows the signature only if I wait


      Hi everybody,


      With Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Version 2015.023.20070, there is a strange behavior when I try to open a PDF containing a digital signature on Page 2.

      If I open and scroll very fast to the second page, the signature does not show up and the page is blank. I can only see the signature frame if I pass the mouse over it. If I click on it, Reader freezes and I have to hard kill the application.


      On the contrary, if I wait a few seconds after the opening, everything is fine : the signature, the page, no freeze.


      The signature is produced by a third-party application, surely the problem comes from it. But to add more complexity, the developers don't have the time to look at this concern... Consequently, I have to find a solution, but I don't even know what to check.


      Has anyone ever encountered this problem ? What should I check ?


      Thanks !