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    Different startup behaviour when built by PG Build rather than CLI

    Benito Aramando

      I've made some small changes to an existing app to get it to build in the Phonegap Build service, but builds created by the service and the Phonegap CLI are behaving slightly differently. To be clear, I am comparing PGBuild builds with local CLI builds made from exactly the same source code, after having made my compatibility modifications.


      When launching the CLI builds, a darkish grey rectangle expands from the tapped app icon to cover the entire screen and then (within about half a second) the splash screen image I have defined in config.xml appears. However when launching the app from a binary from Phonegap Build, a white rectangle expands to fill the screen with a thick black title bar at the top of the screen containing the name of the app, which fades to the spash screen image.


      I have added the following to my config.xml to ensure that PGB is using the same version of Cordova as I am using locally.


      <preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-6.5.0" />


      Any ideas as to why these might be behaving differently, or how to identify exactly what is different about the build processes? Apart from simply being curious as to why the two versions of the app behave differently, the Phonegap Build version's startup process is a little unsightly.