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    can i skip "cordova platform add android / ios" if im going to build it online via phonegap build?


      good day! i have been developing web and desktop apps for sometime now primarily using html/css/js/php or androidstudio/xcode, but iam very new to phonegap. i started creating my phonegap from a blank/empty project template using the gui phonegap desktop app, added some html/js/css with ionic framework. it work fine on the phonegap server. i then uploaded and built it using online (free 50mb) phonegap build service and was able to build an apk from it. i never used the phonegap/cordova cli or commands in my project.


      upon reading more of the phonegap docs on these pass few days, i recently encounter a step i haven't done before --"cordova platform add android","cordova prepare android". i tested it and it added directories to my platform folder.  do i really need these platform folders? it has made my folder size very big (50+mb). without those folders my app is just 30+mb. do i really need them? i no longer can upload my project zip to online build service since it is already over the limit of a free account. can i go without adding the platform folders?


      thank you so much.