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    Cant find adobe digital edition.


      I have bought a book that I have tried to open with digital edition. Which works fine. BUT as a like to bookmark pages and highlight text i try to open the same version of the file again. Which do not work.


      Each time i open the file it first opens in adobe reader and give me an error message saying that I need digital edition. So I open it with the "start now" button in the error message. However, I have figured out that the books in the bookshelves are the correct versions, so I have tried open digital edition from the start menu in win 10. BUT I CANT FIND IT! It does not appear when searching for it or in the program list.


      And as it is not possible to open my bookmarked version of the book I have tried to leave digital edition open for read later on. BUT then the program crashes.

      As if the problems with this program ends there???? NO, I tried to open my book in my phone. Thats impossible it just tryes to connected and then stop. And yes I have wifi on the phone so it would be fast and easy. Can you please do an e-book reader that works?


      Bottomline I´m very upset for paying a whole lot of money for a book i cant use. Im sure it was a nice thought, but it would be easier to go digital if it was useable.


      Now I do need to read, bookmark and highlight in my e-book as I cant afford bying a printed version too. So please fix my problem.


      Have a good day with a lot of smiles

      Thank you for your help!