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    Moto G4 is incompatible




      I'm triying to install PhoneGap App from Play Store and I can't because "My device is incompatible with this app version"

      My phone is MotoG4 Plus of Motorola/Lenovo and it runs Android Nougat 7.0.

      I have seen a coment in Play Store in which an user says he can't install the app because of the same reason but his device runs Android 6.0.1.

      I have tried to install PhoneGap from github's repository .apks but I can't. I get an error which says "The package couldn't be analyzed".

      Any solution?


      Thanks & regards!

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          You might try building the app locally. I'm guessing there's a plugin that your device doesn't support, so you might start by removing third-party plugins and then building the app. That might get it installed on your device. Of course to do that you have to have a local build environment configured.