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    Corrupted word kerning


      Indesign 2017 (

      Mac OSX 10.11.5


      Original document designed and packaged using Indesign 2014 (version unknown)

      Package Zipped and emailed to me.

      Decompressed, opened in Indesign 2017, changed any items from Black to PMS Color, export PDF.


      Somewhere in there, all the word kerning was changed from the original Optical to a corrupted Metrics, which makes "every other" line of text appear to be missing a space between each word - see attached screen pic.


      I have the original Zip file, and can not reproduce the first results.


      If I copy/paste the text box, the spaces return, but the kerning is still at Metrics, which causes reflow.


      Any ideas, or is it a case of Corrupt Computer Gods?


      Thanks.Screen Shot_corrupt.jpg