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    Cursor sticks to adjustment values and sliders (PS CC2017)

    omarjosef.com Level 1



      I've been observing this behavior in many versions of photoshop and it still happens in version 2017.0.1
      The cursor sticks to the values and sliders of certain adjustments. For example, when modifying a curves adjustment layer, if I create a point on a curve and drag the point up or down, when I release the mouse/pen, sometimes the point still moves with the cursor. It doesn't "unclick" until I click again somewhere else. The same happens when using the mouse/pen to modify layer and tool values like opacity, fill, etc. This is a very frustrating behavior of the UI especially for professionals who need to work fast.


      Is this something I can fix myself?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It would help if you could try to identify what triggers this "sometimes behavior" What OS what hardware what addons you have install your envirement



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            omarjosef.com Level 1

            It's pretty straight forward. PS CC2017.0.1 in OSX Sierra. It has happened on previous versions both of OSX and Photoshop.


            No error messages.
            -Nvidia GTX980ti, 32Gb of RAM, Corei7 4770K.


            The problem is just as I describe it. If I use the pen to move a slider such as the layer opacity slider, or modify a value in an adjustment layer, sometimes the adjustment keeps sliding even though I've raised the pen, so it's not clicked. It also happens when I click on a layer on the layers tab, the layer sticks to my cursor as if I was trying to move it up or down the layers list.


            It happens mainly with large images that contain a lot of layers (100% of my work) and, as with many other photoshop bugs, I've learned to live with it. It feels like photoshop hasn't noticed that I've unclicked until I click again somewhere else.

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional


              I experience the same thing on my Mac. I use an Intuos Pro 5 tablet, and have figured it's a tablet issue, not a PS issue but maybe I am wrong. Do you also use a tablet?