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    Looping animation in Publish Online




      I have a document with a few pages and some animations and pop ups for an event invite and have used Adobe Publish Online!


      I'd like to create an animation of 4 logos that play automatically and loop continuously on one of the pages but am struggling, it feels like it should be easy!


      I've tried various MSO's and stacked animations, and adjusted timings etc. but cant get the looping to work!


      any help will be great


      thanks in advance



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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          I set up 4 logos on the page.

          All selected.

          Animation Panel: Preset "Appear", duration 10 seconds, animate to current appearance, visibility hide until animated turned on AND hide after animating turned on.

          Timing Panel: Event On Page Load, Delay 5 seconds, Linked Items: Loop is checked on. Prior to turning this on, select the first logo in the list, and shift-select the last logo in the list. Click the link button. Then select them (to blue) again to turn on the Loop switch.

          Click the Preview EPUB to have a look.

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            the_gravy Level 1

            Hi Michael


            Thanks for your reply, I'm still having issues for some reason even following your guide I still have trouble with the looping aspect, below shows my attempt with the fade animation, but when it comes to looping it seems to fail!




            thanks for your help!



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              Diane Burns Adobe Community Professional

              Ah, looping. Great when it works, but definitely it is tricky for some situations. The problem is that "loop" occurs immediately after the duration of an animation. What we'd like to have (Adobe, are you listening?) is a field next to "Loop" that let's us set the amount of time before the loop occurs. Anyway....


              Can you let me know if this is what you had in mind, and if you think this would work for you? If so, I'll write it up when I have a bit more time.




              Thanks, --Diane

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                the_gravy Level 1

                Hi Diane


                Thanks so much for your help, the first round of animation looks perfect and just what I want but when it comes to looping it seems to judder and fade to white rather than fade into the next image, its almost there for what i want!




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                  Diane Burns Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi Damian,


                  This sample is done by applying Fade Out to the images, for a duration of 2 secs. The images are linked in the Timing panel, but set with a delay, one after the other, also for two seconds. Then the group is set to Loop in the Timing panel. This works a little better than Fade In, because the images are essentially disappearing as a result of the animation. With Fade In, they are appearing and a bit harder to manage to make disappear when you need them to.


                  I can't tell you how many hours upon hours I've spent trying to get looping to work better. I have some insights in one of the lessons in my Lynda.com course on Animations: Creating Animations with Adobe InDesign CC 


                  Here's what I suggest:

                  Stack the images and have them Fade In, as you have likely already done. But instead of looping, make 2 or 3 stacks of them and let them keep Fading In, creating the illusion of a loop. Chances are the user will turn the page before they are done. For the last image, in case it is seen by the user, make a single image that is a grid of all 4 logos.


                  That's all I got! :-) Hope it helps in some way. --db