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    Tab - width, displayed info and other options

    Peteris Karklins Level 1



      Is there an option to change what file tab displays? Or set width?

      My patience is over...

      1. Is there an option to choose the displayed info?
        Let's pretend, that I know in other ways on witch layer I'm on, at what zoom size I currently work and in what color mode...  can I disable displaying of it on my files tabs?! Isn't the whole deal of tabs is working on multiple of them?! Would you use a browser with tabs, which displays Page zoom level, the full title and lead of the column you are reading and some other worthless information, which blocks you from seeing at least four of your other tabs?
      2. Is there an option to set tab width?
        If, it's too hard for Adobe to make these check boxes in UI preferences, then maybe there's a simple option... a slider for tab width? The default would be checked at auto, but if the user doesn't want to see all the crap, he can manually slide the width of a tab to lover value?
      3. Tabs occupied space in "standard" and "full screen with menu" mode
        So there's no option that tabs could occupy the whole top of the application window? The side menu steals that space? I should switch to full screen mode with menus in order for that to work, cause document window occupies full width only in that display mode?! Well - there's no tabs in full screen mode at all! Awesome! Have anyone ever used a modern (last 10 years) internet browser?! They have these options, but in none of them the tabs disappear! Well, they disappear in full screen mode, but they are always available!
      4. Will there be a time, when Photoshop will understand, that it's tads are rearranged?
        Would you use a internet browser, witch, after rearranging the tabs in your desired order would start to jump around like a rabid rabbit, when you try to choose the next tab with Ctrl+tab?
      5. Some scroll options, maybe?
        Do you know, that after opening too many tabs in internet browser, so they don't fit in a screen any more, there's an option to mose over them and use a scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll through them? I suggest you try! As we can understand that there's never more than two tabs open on your browsers, according to what you have done to Photoshop tabs, cause that would be too much reading work... but others have more things to do, than clicking through poorly made Photoshop tabs!!!
      6. To advance over browser would be implementing app specific features!
        Imagine features like: Save all open tabs as..., Export open tabs as..., close all other tabs...(ups! that's already in the browsers),


      Maybe someone know a work around with this tab width [Profanity removed]?!


      Thanks in advance