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    Issue with "border", text disappears


      I'm trying to create a border around the edge of this page, along the margin - it's a playbill. I create a rectangle that fits the margins, and suddenly all of the text in my text boxes disappear, and become listed as errors. Images aren't affected, just the text. I've tried bringing various objects forward or backward; I've tried deleting everything on this page and starting over, even creating new text boxes has the same issue; I've tried doing it with the F Rectangle tool and M Rectangle tool; I've tried creating a whole new page; I can't figure out what is causing this problem. The only way I've been able to get around it is by making my rectangle a text box instead and then adjusting the stroke of the box, but this isn't really an effective work-around. It makes adding any other text boxes a pain, because it assumes I want to type in that text box that's acting as my page border.


      Any ideas on what's causing the problem to begin with? I'm pretty new to InDesign, so it might be a stupidly simple answer.