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    Dynamically loaded slideshow

      Hi all,

      I've been charged with the crusade of making a pretty difficult (to me) slideshow. This is what the client wants:
      1. externally loaded images
      2. externally loaded text (comments for each image)
      3. the timeline of the slideshow to be dictated by the number of externally loaded images.

      Now, ive made tons of slideshows with 1. and 2. before, but the request for 3. totally screws me up. I usually have a set amount of images that will be used, and accordingly, set up the timeline using empty movie clips that use the loadMovie command to dynamically grab images from a specified folder. They fade tween over each other and everyone is happy. However, if I were to make a movie with item 3's parameters, I can't define a predetermined timeline. Im sure this can be done with actionscript but I am 100% clueless as to where to start with this. Someone PLEASE HELP. Thanks