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    Lasso tool issues...


      Afternoon all.


      My Lasso tool appears to be behaving a little erratically.

      When ever a selection is made, it appears to 'snap back' to a kind of oval shape rather than the selection that I have created..

      In addition, the attached error message keeps appearing.


      Can anyone assist please ?



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          What are the Tool’s settings in the Options Bar? (Please post a screenshot including the relevant elements.)

          Have you reset the Tool yet?

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            Timp1 Level 1

            Hi...does this illustrate enough ?

            And yes, I have tried resetting the tool


            Capture 2.PNG

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              Simmer1 Adobe Community Professional



              I noticed your feather is set to 35 px this is what would make it go to an oval shape.


              Try setting the feather to 0.


              Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 16.51.50.png





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                Timp1 Level 1

                Aha !


                Many thanks...I was feathering to retouch skin in frequency separation


                Now...whilst I have your attention ( ) ..I have another issue with the lasso tool.


                I use lasso -edit -fill to remove objects.

                This may also transpire to be user error, however the function no longer seems to be working on a created adjustment layer.

                It seems to be intermittent, and I'm wondering whether I am missing a box to check. When it doesn't  function, it appears as 'clear' in the history, but does not fill or remove the selected area...In addition the shortcut for 'edit - fill' (delete button) does not work on an adjustment layer .Can anyone assist please ?



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                  Simmer1 Adobe Community Professional



                  From the second screenshot you sent I can see you have the locked background layer selected.


                  Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 17.20.08.png


                  Select the top Layer and it should work.





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                    Timp1 Level 1

                    Hi Sim...thank you for responding.


                    Ironically, I went back and it would allow the 'delete' shortcut to work, and the removal of objects to take place on a locked background layer. As soon as I create another layer with a view to doing any removals on it, it will not allow the shortcut to work, or indeed any removals to take place ...