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    Geolocation accuracy over 5000 meters

    BigLittle8712 Level 1



      I have an app user who is on iPhone with iOS version 10.2.1, and his GPS accuracy is over 5k meters. He says his Wi-Fi is enabled.


      Any ideas why the accuracy would be so poor on his device only?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          iPhones typically have excellent accuracy, BUT you do have to consider a few things:

          • Are you requesting geolocation with high accuracy? Seeing your code might help.
          • Initial reports may be way off; A single position from geolocation is not guaranteed to be accurate. You should watch the position over a short period of time and refine the position as new information is obtained.
          • iPhones use a combination of WiFi access points, cell towers, and satellite to obtain position data. In the absence of satellite positioning, the iPhone will rely on nearby APs and towers. These aren't necessarily going to be as accurate.
          • Environmental influence (poor signal strength to any towers; no local APs; inability to see satellites, etc) can factor in as well.
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            BigLittle8712 Level 1

            Thanks Kerri,


            -the app is using high accuracy

            -still shows 5000-15000 meter accuracy even after several minutes

            -user claims it worked fine, and then one day it just started happening


            I have the 1 user out hundreds who is having this issue. I've read up on potential causes and sent to him, but his reply is always "This is still not working".


            Some thinsg I've asked him to do:

            -     Restart the device

            -    Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > App Name > then toggle Always

            -    Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Toggle On

            -    Go to Settings > Cellular > Ensure Wi-Fi Assist is on

            -    Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Ensure "Set Automatically" is toggled On

            -    Update iOS


            I asked him to see if his Apple Maps did the same thing, and he claims it doesn't. I am skeptical that he checked.



            I don't believe the issue is with PG, but I'd like to identify what it really is. Maybe his phone hardware is actually broke?

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              kerrishotts Adobe Employee

              It's not uncommon for updates to bork GPS -- a Google search finds lots of people complaining after an iOS update occurs. Maybe that's why it worked one day and then broke the next?


              You might have him check in other apps (like Google Maps) or even on the website for Google maps. Of course if he's not trying Apple Maps, then there's not much you can do.


              It's possible his iPhone is broken. If he dropped it, it's possible a connection became loose.


              I wonder if his phone is consistently wrong by 5k meters, or if he was in a different location if the accuracy would improve or not. If he hasn't tried it elsewhere, it's entirely possible that environmental issues are getting in the way.