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    InDesign 2017 crashing on FXL ePub export


      I've been trying to export a fixed-layout ePub file from a 176-page ID print file — a music textbook, if that matters, and not my design. I expected it to take a while, but instead, immediately after export starts, ID crashes.


      I'm running InDesign CC 2017 (just upgraded — 2017.0 release). I can export to PDF with no problem. When I export to reflowable ePub (using the standard ePub 2.0.1 settings), I get the following errors:


      Inline objects like text frames, groups etc. have been rasterized.


      Drop caps, Run-in style, Line style, and GREP style applied as style overrides are ignored. These are only supported in paragraph styles: 1 found.


      The gradient fill and stroke applied on object are not supported.


      Non rectangular objects will not appear correctly when exported using CSS.


      Appearance mismatch may occur when overlapping grouped objects are exported as JPG. Try exporting them as PNG.


      Fonts : 16 missing

        Bundesbahn Pi 3

        ITC Kabel Bold

        ITC Kabel Book

        ITC Kabel Demi

        ITC Kabel Medium

        ITC Kabel Ultra

        ITC Zapf Dingbats Medium


        Palatino LT Std Black

        Palatino LT Std Bold

        Palatino LT Std Bold Italic

        Palatino LT Std Italic

        Palatino LT Std Medium

        Palatino LT Std Medium Italic

        Palatino LT Std Roman

        Pepita MT Regular


      I don't see anything in there that should kill InDesign when it exports to FXL ePub3. I'm guessing the fonts (which are in the ID Fonts folder) are a problem because of licensing. The rasterized text, while annoying, shouldn't be a problem either. The other errors look non-lethal.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?