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    ALL images placed are faded


      Hello, i am A VERY new user to Indesign- not sure if I clicked something that is applying some sort of weird fade or washed-out effect to all the images I am placing onto my board, but everything looks dull- see images attached.


      Here is what it looks likeScreen Shot 2017-03-17 at 2.19.29 PM.png


      here is what that bottom image should look like



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          Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

          My bet is that you've got scrambled color reproduction settings -- either within InDesign itself, or if the images were manipulated with Photoshop, in the photos themselves. By my experience this generally results when images are set up for, say, newsprint reproduction but the job (and/or InDesign file) is prepped for magazine reproduction.


          Do the colors print as washed out? Or do they just appear that way onscreen?

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            not sure if I clicked something that is applying some sort of weird fade or washed-out effect to all the images


            It looks like you have applied some transparency amount or an Effect to the images or their frames. Open the Flattener Preview panel and choose Transparent Objects from the Highlight pop-up. That will highlight any transparencies applied to objects on the page and you can use the Effects panel to remove effects or change opacity.


            If you were to inadvertently set the Effects Opacity setting to less than 100% with nothing selected, then all future rectangles you create would have that opacity setting applied. You could also have an Opacity change applied to a default Object Style.

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              Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

              It will help us analyse better if you click on one of these two images, grab a screenshot of your InDesign "Control Panel".

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                I am a very experienced InDesign user and am having this exact same problem all of the sudden. I have not accidentally applied any effects or anything. It will happen sometimes just from resizing an image. Can anyone help?

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                  Todd Shirley Level 1

                  I've used InDesign since it came out, and suddenly I am experiencing a similar problem as well. Often (but not always) when I update or place an image, it appears very faded. If the box has a fill, the fill color will come through as well. Transparancy is 100%, no effects were changed or added, the image suddenly just previews faded. If I select the image and select Display Performance --> High Quality Display, it snaps back to normal. If I turn on separations in the Separation Preview panel, the image snaps back to normal. But when I switch these settings back, the image appears faded again. The best workaround I have is to save and close the document, then when I re-open it, the images appear normal again.


                  This started happening when I upgraded from a 2013 iMac to a 2017 Retina 5K iMac. I thought it might have something to do with GPU settings or other display prefs but no matter what I change, this continues to happen. Seems like a bug.