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    How does the adobe stock trial work?


      I was wondering how the adobe stock trial worked. Will I get charged after 1 month is up or after I use up all 10 free assets? I do not think I will use the 10 assets in the month, and the plan it tells you to sign up for says "First month free" while the stock advertisement says "Get 10 free Adobe Stock images".

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          - You actually sign up for a year subscription

          - Subscriptions are 10 images a month

          - If you don't use all the images in a month they accumulate

          - So if you use 4 images the first month then in month two your credits will be 14

          - The deal: You get your first month free - So yes, your first 10 images are free

          - You will get charged monthly starting in month 2

          - You must cancel before your first month is over to avoid being locked into the subscription

          - Any credits you have remaining if you cancel are lost

          - After you cancel, any images you have already licensed are yours to continue to use

          - Subscription does not include video or premium images.


          If you have any specific questions on these points please do ask ;-)

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            addisonc41508093 Level 1

            Thanks Brad, that was quite helpful.