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    Two Lightroom applications open


      How do I access my catalog when LR says I have two applications open and have to close one application before I can access the other? I have re-booted twice, and closed all catalogs but nothing works! 979 photos I can't access! HELP!

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          When Lightroom is running, a lock file is present to prevent others from accessing the catalog. (LR is single user only) Normally, this file will be deleted when you close Lighroom, but if it doesn't close down properly because of a freeze or a power failure, it might not be deleted. You will then get an error message saying that the catalog is open in another application, and you can't launch LR.


          Use Windows Explorer/Mac Finder  and go to to the folder  containing the Lightroom catalog, and delete the file that ends with .lock

          Do not delete anything else. Now launch Lightroom.



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            LBPHOTO Level 1

            It worked! Thank You so much!