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    Today after rendering in premier elements ALL video players crash with any file.


      Today I spent most of my day trying to fix my PC. I have used premiere elements 9 for years and never had issues. Today I finished a render and when opening it Media player crashed... I tried again, it also crashed. I tried a different format and that crashed. I tried as finished one from last week, now its crashed. Tried Real player... now it crashes. Tried some MP3 they now crash. Thinking I have been hacked I do a full scan. Then a system restore. No use. The only player that works is VLC player. So I resolved to just do a complete install of windows and wipe the drive. Now I go home and get back to rendering a different video, not the same no files were transferred. All was well the video was rendered and as sooon as I opened it..... Crash now I cant open videos with media player or real player or ITunes at home. WHAT DID PREMIERE ELEMENTS DO?