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    Problem importing Adobe .pdf


      I am trying to import an acrobat .pdf file from my laptop which is about 118 MB in size to my Blogger Blog.




      When I do so I do NOT check: "Automatically publish all imported posts and pages"


      I verify with "Captcha" that I am NOT a robot.


      Every time without fail after verifying that I am NOT a robot and the import reaches 100% the every maddening "Captcha" pops up a infernal message saying: "Verification unsuccessful. Please try again" Then my import attempt is killed.


      I have waited 24 hours to try again, used different browsers, cleared my cache, turned off extensions all to no avail and have attempted the import while in an "incognito" browser.


      I have previously asked this question on the Google Blogger Forum but received no response.

      Can somebody please assist me in resolving this issue?


      Thank you.