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    Coldfusion 2016 war/ear lack of documentation


      windows 2008/tomcat 8/iis 7.5.


      Does no one install Coldfusion on an existing java server like Tomcat?  I ask because I've been searching adobe and googling for weeks now, and I have yet to come across anything remotely close to a complete install guide.  There are a few 1 page articles on adobe about ear/war file deployment, but nothing about further setup of API manager or any of the add-on services.  And maybe my google-fu was weak lately, but I have never found an article about anyone deploying a war in tomcat, then setting up iis isapi_redirect, then setting up api manager, etc.. 


      The most frustrating thing, is that it is hard to translate the dozens of articles about the built-in web server, to a war/ear deployment. For instance, {CF Install}\config\wsconfig\ which is referred to all over doesn't exist in tomcat/webapps/cfusion.  For the isapi_redirect.dll, I was able to connect tomcat to IIS and serve up a cfml page after some experimentation, but now I'm seeking to further configure things, and am getting no where. 


      So here are two examples:

      1.   when you deploy cfusion.war (created by the installer) to tomcat/webapps, it creates tomcat/webapps/cfusion.   How would I change the context path from /cfusion to just "/"?  I assume create a cfusion.xml file and define a context in it, and then put it in tomcat/conf/host/instance/etc...  And then how would I represent that change in uriworkermap.properties?  Does the map need /*=worker to match the changed context path?  I can experiment and figure it out, but it just is slow, and the lack of documentation makes me wonder if I should just use the built-in server because apparently no one installs cf on an enterprise java server (or doesn't document it if they do).

      2.  API manager setup wizard runs after you finish the base installer that produces cfusion.war.   The api manager installer wants the Coldfusion install directory, which for most people is something like /opt/coldfusion or c:\Coldfusion2016.   Picking my webapp path of tomcat/webapps/cfusion doesn't work.  The installer errors. 


      Support has been fairly responsive, every 2-3 days or so I get an email answered about a question (which sometimes just includes links to things like apache tomcat documentation, nothing specific to coldfusion), which helps, but it sure is slow going.


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          jwhitene Level 1

          I installed the bundled tomcat webserver today on a server.   I'll take a look at how Adobe set things up and hopefully extrapolate that to a stand-alone tomcat server.    And then write up my steps for the next person in my situation. 


          One side note about the bundled tomcat install, is that configuring IIS with the web server connector, does not remove traces of older CF installs.   So I had to manually remove all IIS handler mapping referring to coldfusion 9 before CF2016 started working properly through IIS.