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    Lost "everything" when moving from LR 5 to 6


      When I open my old LR5 catalogue with my newly installed LR6 (new computer and other LR user).

      LR ask me to upgrade the catalogue, and I go for it.

      When I open the new upgraded catalogue it is it is empty and it asks me to start with importing new pictures. (If I do they are just that, new imports without any previously stored information)


      Additional information:

      The pictures are on a NAS

      The path to the pictures might have changed (due to how and if I mount the external drive)

      I went from LR4 to 5 without any issue (but some same computer and user)

      The LR5 files seams to be very small (see blow, approx. 70000 pictures)


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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm sure nothing is lost.

          First, LR  does copy your catalog before it upgrades it. So, your old LR5 catalog is still there and you can always start over and let LR6 generate another upgraded copy.


          From the File menu select 'Open Recent' an check the entries. Open each one listed to see if it's your converted LR5 catalog.


          If LR5 could access the pictures (no ? on folders or ! on images), then LR6 can access them as well.

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            Ivan-0831 Level 1

            You are right.

            I can still open "everything" with the old LR5.


            But what do I have to do to transfer the catalogue to LR6?

            Why does the standard way of transfer does not work for me? Any setting or parameter I should take care of?

            Could it be linked to the different LR users I use for LR5 and 6?

            Can I export the LR5 catalogue in a transfer safe way?

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              F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If your catalog is located within the users folders and you log on with a different user for LR6, then LR6 can not see and find the LR5 catalog. If you need to use a different account for LR (for whatever reason I don't see from my here), then you need to move the catalog to a place where both user accounts have access. Then, from LR6 open the LR5 catalog ... and it should be fine. LR6 will make a copy at the same location and then upgrade the copy.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                Start with doing a search of your complete computer hard drives for .lrcat. Make sure you are using some type of file search program that will look at every folder on the C drive, Windows, or Macintosh HD, Mac. The built in search features of both OS's usually doesn't look into other username folders other than the one used to Log In to the computer.


                You should find the newly created LR 6 catalog and you can tell that by the Date Created field. If it is some other username folder than the one you are logged into then Copy it over to a folder Your Username has Full access to and then Open that.


                Your problem could als be caused by a permissions problem. Your username doesn't have full Read & Write permissions to the folder LR 6 is trying to create the new catalog in. This more than likely the problem if the LR 5 catalog is in someone else's Username folder then the username you are logged into the computer with.

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