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    Assign scenes between main movie menu markers


      I am making a disc of a two night play performance.  I placed a main menu marker at the beginning of the first night clips and a stop menu marker at the end of the first night clips. With a small gap on the timeline I placed the second night clips and place a second main menu marker and again a stop menu marker at the end of the second night clips.  I placed scene clips within both sets of clips.  The first night worked just like I expected it to, created a main menu button, showed scenes, returned to the main menu at the stop marker.  However the first night menu also showed the scenes from the second night within the first night movie menus even through there were behind (to the right ) of the the first night "movie" stop menu marker.  The second night main menu marker and stop menu marker worked but there were no scenes within - all it scenes had been assigned to the first movie.  Any way to assign which scenes go with which set of main movie markers?  Am I missing a step? I would have thought scenes between a start and stop menu markers would have been automatically assigned.  I'm using Premiere Elements 12.