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    Catalogue Add/Change from  External HD to 'C'/This PC

    templedance Level 1

      New computer and new student of one month to LR and wanting it set up just right for me. I created my 1st Catalogue (and only) using my Ext HD 'Pictures' folder location which shows up as a folder in the 2nd section called Folder. I now want to do my work through my Pictures folder on 'C drive'/This PC so they can be synced with OneDrive and the ExtHD. I've tried going to 'add folder' but it's pulling less than 10 of all my photos (total 80,000) with don't import duplicates checked.  Should I create a 2nd Catalogue, add it under add folder, or....???...check or uncheck duplicates.... ) I shoot +-100 photos a week and learning to cull... wink). Thanks for direction to my goal.