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    Camera raw


      hello dear,

      i am a photographer and i use photoshop cc 2015.5.0.

      When I use Camera Raw to convert the files of my D800, it create a problem, especially when I use  adjustments (for  the problem see attached images) problem2.jpgoriginal..jpg



      when I change the zoom The screen returns to normal. Can you help me? It depends on the video card What Can be defective? I own a nvidia gtx 770


      please help me.


      write me at [Personal information removed by moderator]

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Do you realize that your only seeing your actual image when you zoom to 100%.  At any other zoom level you looking a a quickly scaled image.  At some scaling percents the scaled image is quite bad.  Only judge when you are viewing a 100%.  Display's can not change the size of their pixels scaling is done. By quickly rendering an image with\e a different number of pixels. Also the photo of your display does not capture much of Photoshop's ACR UI The double image may be a display driver issue. Try turning off ACR preference to use your GPU.Capture.jpg

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            mariano__ Level 1

            thank you! now i check it!