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    Why is my keyboard shortcuts changing themselves?

    marijuic3 Level 1

      I've had bug with photoshop for quite awhile now, and I cannot seem to find the source for it. I even reinstalled windows from scratch on a brand new harddrive, and the bugger is still there.


      What seems to be my officer, problem? Sometimes when I hit e.g "V" - that should select my move tool, but instead it selects the view meny from the top menu. WTH!? If it for some reason have entered this mysterious, no-sense mode. Then I cannot use any shortkeys on my keyboard to select tools, it only selects menus from the top and gives me the incredibly annoying "ding" sound signaling that I'm doing something wrong. But how is it wrong to press "B" to select my brush, or "P" for penn!?.


      So is this permanent when it have happend? No. That's the strang thing. When I then select brush from my tools panel, the keyboard shortcuts decide to work again (after awhile that is).. Logic then tells me I have pressed something that caused this to happen. Previously it was because I had two languages installed on my OS (ctrl + the button next to shift caused the switch), but not anymore. Now I seriously don't know why, and it is bugging me and ruining my workflow and ability to work fast.


      Do anyone have any idea, why the [removed] my keyboard is changing the shortcuts, that are designed by default, by themselves to suddenly not respond to tools, but to the top menu panel?? This never happens on my macbook.


      System the bug occurs on: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

      Photoshop version: Newest of the newest - but it's been a problem since cc came around four years ago. (That's how long I've tried to figure it out by myself..)