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    Photoshop scaling issues

    toby zhang

      I'm on a lenovo 710 (14") running windows 10, and my photoshop is having scaling issues that almost makes it unusable. After searching all over google I still cannot find a solution, so here I am making a god damn forum post about it. Basically, when all display settings (windows and photoshop) are at its default, photoshop is way too big, like, the loading window takes up 3/4 the screen. However, if I adjust any of the windows display settings, everything else looks weird, and I'm really not comfortable running non-native settings that will probably give extra load to this laptop. But in photoshop my options are either 100%, 200%, or auto, all other settings making no discernible effects on the scaling. At 100% its waaaay too small, and at 200% or auto, its waaaay too big as I've mentioned above. I feel like this a bug on Adobe's part, but is there even possibly a work around to fix this issue? I'm paying yearly for this stuff and I need it to work.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe only offers 100% and 200%.  To use 125%, 150%, 175% you would need to use Windows scaling. To do the you need to update your windows registry and add an external manifest file in Photoshop's folder. This has been posted namy times.

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            toby zhang Level 1

            Thanks for the info, I did some research on using windows scaling and I found a method here Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX) | Dan Antonielli but possibly due to the manifest file given in the post being outdated, it didn't work. I couldn't find any other guides or sources for this method, is there an updated version or did I do something wrong? b1e1e56eb12444db80537103bdd041a9.png095f8689b4116434e1ef9aa373a74432.png

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              I have bot ust that manifest file lately. It worked for all versions of Photoshop I did try.  On my Workstation and Surface Pro 3 I install Windows 10 Insider Preview.  The latest frew version Have new option in Windows Shortcuts the allow you to override Programs manifest.  No  Windows Registry modification  and no external manifest file is need to use Windows scaling with Application that have manifest coded not to use windows scaling.


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                toby zhang Level 1

                okay, I went to that tab in properties but the only option I got was "disable display scaling on high dpi settings" which did nothing whether if its on or off, so I tried installing w10 insiders preview, didn't work for whatever reason. so then I upgraded to windows 10 pro with a relatively cheap product key because i thought home might have disabled some functionalities and I've been intending to do so for a while now anyways, still can't install insiders preview or see the drop down option... so I tried redoing the manifest file thing, and now it works????


                I have tried fixing this issue before so I think I might have put a wrong file somewhere in windows registry that prevented all this from working and from upgrading windows that file got removed, maybe... anyways it works now, granted a little "blurrily", thanks for the help, I guess.

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                  tommasov89 Level 1

                  (4k 28" Windows 10 150% UI scaling)


                  That's not a good solution, the result is a blurry or gliched UI. Photoshot should follow windows 10 UI scaling settings as Illustrator, Indesign, premiere..etc. I knew your suggestion and i use for a lot of old sotware for some works really well for other doesn't. For example that is the result with "system (enhanced)"




                  The best way is keeping the automatic 200% settings.

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    Some displays do not have the amount of pixels required to use 2x ui.  Foe exalme my High-resolutio 216 dip Surfac pro 3. Which Adobe defaulted to 2x UI Photosyop UI does not fit on screen scaled 2x my 2160x1440 displat is 1080x720 Photoshop UI requires at least a 1024x768 display.

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                      Thank you very much.  This works perfectly with Windows 10 Pro Creators Update in PS CC 2015.  No need for any PS Interface Options on my Microsoft Surface Book set at 3000 x 2000 display..  :>}

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                        I have the same issue but with CS6. Windows 10 and my screen (using a 43" 4K TV, not a computer monitor if that makes a difference) native resolution is 3840 x 2160. The solutions I've found online don't work for one reason or another so I'm lost.


                        one of the reasons they dont work is my version just doesn't have the options that is being talked about. For instance, under properties of Photoshop CS6 I have the check box for "Disable hi DPS" but I dont have any dropdown box to choose "system". One of the other solutions called to change the UI text size under preferences inside the CS6 itself, but again, I only had the option to make the text size large. It was already on that setting so obviously that didn't work and the smaller sizes did nothing at all.


                        Any suggestions?

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                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                          Why would you want to scale your 43" 4k TV to a lower resolution.  Its resolution is only 102DPI  Photoshop UI was design for a 96DPI display why would you want to scale it 200% to 51DPI with 1920x1080 pixels.   Scaling 2x is ment for high resolution display that have a high resolution like 200+DPI.  Displays with those resolution display thing 1/4 the size a 100DPI display displays thing 1/2 the width 1/2 the height that is 1/4 normal size.

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                            steel77 Level 1

                            I'm just trying to find a way to be able to use Photoshop again where the text and Icons are not super small and hard to see.

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                              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                              They should not be super small on a 43" 4k  3940x2160px TV.  That TV resolution is 102DPI The resolution Photoshop UI was created for a 96DPI display. If you scale it 2X to a 1K TV 51DPI they would be super big 4 time normal size twice as wide and twice as high.   Your display will be used like a  1K 1920x1080 display  4  4K size  pixels will be used to make 1 1K pixel. If you want the use the TV from across your  room you may want to scale  it to 1K so you cnre read the text teh feet away.

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                                steel77 Level 1

                                I dont know whats happening but photoshop was perfectly fine on my old tv (1920x1080) but once I connected my computer to my 4K TV to it. the UI is super small and NOTHING I do changes it one way or the other.


                                photoshop ui scaling issue.jpg

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                                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                  Your screen capture look normal size on my 1K 96DPI display of course only 1/4 or your capture fits one my display I have to pan your capture to see all of it.    If you were using a 43" HDTV before  that would have a 51DPI Resolition. Your Icon and Text would be super big 4 time the size they would be on my a 23" 1920x180 computer display.   My 23" 1920x1080 display has a 96DPI resolution very close to you 4K TV 102DPI resolution.   Your 4K tv has twice the resolurion as your 43" hdtv  That is why  thing a smaler on your 4k TV.  My 4K  Display is 24"  Its resolution  is 185DPI  Text and ICONs on my 4K Display are about 1/3 the size they are on you 43" TV  screen you  43" display to 24"  You TV and everything on it will be fitted to a 24" 16:9 format.  You use to using your computer with thing displayed super big.


                                  CS6 does not have a scaling UI option.


                                  To have Windows scaling use with CS6 you need to modify you windows registry so you can use external manifest files with Applications and add a external Manifest file into CS6 folder for Photoshop.exe. search to find the details.

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                                    Manifest solution doesn't work for me, maybe you know why? (Surface pro 4 + Adobe CS6)

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                                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                      Show your Windows registery update file that add support for external manifest files or the registry entry on you machine. Also show the external manifest file you added to your Photoshop's version folder and which folder that you added the file to.  Show your Windows display scaling setting you have set.

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                                        This worked for me, I have Photoshop CS5 on a Surface Book. I needed to adjust both of my installed Photoshop C5 programs not just the 64bit version.

                                        Thank you for the information., I was beginning to think I would need a magnifier screen.