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    Photoshop CS6 - Problems with layers, can't edit anything.


      Hello, I am working on a project and come across a problem that never happened to me before. All layers suddently became uneditable, none of them are locked in any way, when I create a new layer I can freely edit it, unless I will select another layer and switch back to the previous one - that layer becomes uneditable too. Colour palette is completely gone, there's only 1 slider for black and white, which doesn't do anything. Using brush or any other tools can't be used, cursor acts like the layer is locked. Selected layer highlight is white, instead of blue. When I rightclick most of my options are disabled. What I found out it can be fixed when I move or open layer options, but once I deselect it I can't edit it again. The problem only exists on that project.

      I belive the problem started when I duplicated few layers, moved them to another layer folder, then free transformed them to a smaller size.


      Any sollutions what to do?