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    From PDF, communication to AIR

      Hi everyone.
      I have written code in Flex Builder 3.
      How should it be done to communicate from PDF's JavaScript to AIR application?
      The PDF file is embeded using HTML component in AIR.
      For example I'd like to send a property of a PDF document and the present magnification rate by a Button(using ToolButton) click on PDF.

      FLEX code:
      <mx:HTML id="pdfHtml" location="test.html" width="100%" height="100%" />

      <object id="PDFObj"

      What kind of Event Handler should be written on FLEX to receive a message from PDF? How should the case and JavaScript on PDF be written?

      When the following example was seen and tried, I confirmed that it functions well.

      Cross-scripting PDF content in an Adobe AIR application

      This is communication to PDF from AIR, and I'd like to do this reverse thing!

      Thank you.