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    Urgent help needed with Null Object




      I'm working on a Animated Map using After Effects.What I did so far:

      - Creating a Null Object

      - Creating a camera

      - Link Camera to Null Object as a parent

      - Set off (with the eyeball) the camera

      - Put 3D on at all layers including the Null Object

      - Active Camera is on


      Then I started making a path for my map. First time I practiced and it was all good. Second time I did it exactly the same as before I ran in this problem:

      Everytime I finish making a path with the Null Object and I put on the Camera eyeball again, my whole animation is moving, including the Null Object. Well, this is weird because I'm following a tutorial and nothing happens at his side. Now, it isn't  the problem to move back the animation, but I can't move the Null Object. I tried everything I can possibly imagine.


      Please, anyone can help me? I really need to finish this quick.