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    Updated CC apps, now sign up keeps popping up and nothing opens - Mac


      Help! I've tried everything I've read that's remotely related to my problem, but nothing works. I'm on El Capitan, and updated all my Creative Cloud applications, but now, whenever I try to launch any of them, this is what happens:

      1. Icon bounces in the dock like it's going to launch;
      2. It is replaced by the "Adobe Sign In Required" pop up window that indicates I have a trial, (I don't, I am a paid subscriber) with a Sign In Now button;
      3. I click the sign in button, It confirms with a "thank you, Creative Cloud will now be licensed for (myemail), click continue to enjoy the software";
      4. I click continue, then - every step I mentioned is repeated once more;
      5. I grow increasingly frustrated.

      If anyone has a magical solution, I would be so grateful.... Thank you!