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    Color presets moved after update


      I updated Lightroom and I noticed that all the default color presets that come with Lightroom have moved to the b&w folder. I tried to drag them back into the color folder but it only makes a copy of the preset. I found the folder on my hard drive that stores all the presets but I don't see anything named color presets or b&w presets. I was wondering if there is a way to know the file name of those presets so I can move them back. It really doesn't affect anything, it's just annoying. presets.jpegfile location.jpeg

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          The presets that come with Lightroom are hard coded into the program, and you can't locate them using the Finder.

          The folder called "Filter Presets" seems to contain presets for the Filter bar, and they are not Develop presets.

          Since I don't use any of the canned presets, I can't really comment on how the presets should be grouped, but the B&W filter presets seem to be a mixture of B&W and color presets.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            It is also possible (at least I am able ) to copy these default presets into another folder (like 'User Presets' ) by a drag-and-drop. They keep the same name with  "copy" added to the end. And they then appear in the Develop Presets folder of the OS hard-drive.


            As a next step you can apply this preset to a 'Reset' image, search the Develop panels for adjustments, make changes to these adjustments, then update the preset R-click {Update with current settings}, thus altering the 'default' preset to your desires, and have it in the hard-drive folder to copy and backup.

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              axmelissarios1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hey there michaelw97738354,


              Thanks for reporting this. We caught wind of this bug about two weeks and the fix will be in an upcoming update. But like you mentioned, its current location shouldn't affect the application of the presets.


              Let us know if you have related problems to this issue.


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                michaelw97738354 Level 1

                Thank you for taking the time to explain the glitch. It's more of an inconvenience than a problem, but I'm glad you guys are working to correct it!