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    After Effects Cinema4D Renderer Doesn't Work on 2016 Macbook Pro Radeon 460


      On my 2016 new Macbook Pro (macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and Radeon Pro 460), when I change my renderer in After Effects (CC 2017.1) to CINEMA 4D, I get the infamous error message, "3D layers may not render correctly because an older CINEMA 4D render engine is running."  Of course, I don't have any other versions of CINEMA 4D apart from the one automatically installed with After Effects.


      After that, trying to render a single preview frame of text takes an eternity (literally 20 seconds to show a single frame render of 3D text in the composition Active Camera pane, I timed it).


      I've already tried to delete After Effects/CINEMA 4D Lite and reinstall. I've also purged the memory and disk cache and reset all of the preferences.  None of that helped.


      Anyone know how to fix this? Is Adobe working on a fix?