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    Photos in Library Mode do not show Developed Changes after moving to new PC


      I am on a PC and recently moved everything off one computer to another. I copied everything under Pictures to the new PC and installed from scratch Adobe CC. THE USER NAME IS DIFFERENT ON THE NEW PC FROM THE OLD PC (I have a hunch this may be the problem).

      Everything is working fine in Lightroom. All the photos and libraries and adjustments moved over just fine (about 10,000 photos). I have imported and run quite a few photos through it, developed and exported etc...

      The only problem I have is that the pictures in Library Mode always display the raw file rather than the developed file. This applies to new and moved files.

      I thought at first that it always did this and looked at the old PC and saw that the Library mode displayed the developed photos.

      I have reset preferences with no change.

      I did when I first restarted the new Lightroom on the new PC get a message about user name changing. I do not remember exactly what it said, but I accepted it and moved on.

      Can I fix this?

      Is it the different user name in Windows causing the problem? (I am having trouble setting up the same user sub account in Windows 10, but if that is the problem I will continue to work on it).

      I can easily start again if I have made a mistake as my old PC is still here.

      All versions of everything are up to date as of today.

      My apologies if this has been answered before. I could not find on the forums this.

      Thank you.