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    CS4 32bit page stays at bottom of Desktop screen

    Papa Greg

      Unexpectedly today, the CS4 32bit page will not ascend from the bottom of the page to take up the whole screen.  It reveals only about 1.5 inch of the top of the CS4 page at the bottom of the Desktop  screen.  Earlier in the day, it worked fine.  CS4 64bit works fine.


      I use CS4 32 bit to import from my scanner.  I occasionally use CS4 64 bit when I need to print from the Picture Package.


      When I try to grab the CS4 32bit page to move it up to the top of the Desktop screen, it stubbornly stays put and beeps.  When I press a button, it just beeps.  I can only close the page with Task Manager.


      I reinstalled CS4 without uninstalling and it continued to behave the same.


      I have been scanning and storing many photo slides recently and CS4 32bit had worked fine.  The behavior started before being used for scanning and storing.


      I use a Dell desktop i5-2310 CPU @ 2.9GHz, 6GB RAM, Windows 110 64Bit., an Epson 4490 Photo scanner,  an AOC 2236  and a Radeon GD 6450 display adaptor.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Papa Greg