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    Didn't receive an acknowledgement of message


      I am getting an issue in flex with respect to de-serialization of java objects to as3. I am already having as3 objects being referenced in main SWF but once I am fething the data from the middleware using remote object, I get the following error:

      [FaultEvent fault=[RPC Fault faultString="Didn't receive an acknowledgement of message" faultCode="Server.Acknowledge.Failed" faultDetail="Was expecting message 'BCA1FC29-2D05-4A71-B10D-F89B4C32C36E' but received '8A4E55B2-5D5A-495D-BB61-65F5D61F68D6'."] messageId="7779E8EE-CF8C-2F14-9501-F89B533787BF" type="fault" bubbles=false
      cancelable=true eventPhase=2]

      At server and client side I am using granite as a wrapper over AMF which does the serialization and de-serialization.

      Please advise.