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    HELP Access Denied Win 10


      I can't open InDesign on my computer. I have Windows 10. I'm running a trial version,

      everything seems fine from Creative Cloud, period hasn't expired, software is installed.

      Yet I get these annoying boxes when I try to open the program.



      First box:

      Access is denied


      Second box:

      Unable to launch Adobe InDesign as you lack sufficient

      permissions to access the preferenced folders. Ensure that you

      have appropriate permissions and then restart Adobe InDesign.



      That's a blatant lie! I HAVE access to the folders and InDesign.

      Been fiddling with the security options for an hour no, it is not the problem.


      Please, please, please is there a kind soul on here with the answer?I have an assignment due any day now.

      I cannot get any work done while the program is down.