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    Lightroom opening in background  - Win 10


      Since the most recent update (2015.9) i have trouble opening lightroom - the first time i try and launch the program nothing happens but when i go to task manager i see that lightroom is open as a background process and it's using about 90% of CPU.  When i end the process and re-launch the program it works perfectly fine.  Interestingly Photoshop launches without a problem and if i launch photoshop first then Lightroom always opens without any hitch.  I feel like i'm missing something in the LIghtroom launch sequence.


      Anyone offer any help - i'm not too desperate to correct this if it involves uninstalling and reinstalling - it's a little annoying but not a disaster.



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          To correct, try the following procedure-


          1. End the process in task manager and re-open Lightroom , and then open the Task Manager. (CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

          2. Set the Priority of Lightroom.exe to High (see 3 images below), close Task Manager.

          3. Close Lightroom,

          4. Restart the computer,

          5. Reset the Preferences of Lightroom by holding [SHIFT+ALT] as you re-open Lightroom.

          Hopefully this has solved the problem.


          Image 1:          In Task Manager Right-Click on the App Adobe Photoshop Lightroom-

          Image 2.          Select the option "Go to details"-

          Image 3:          Right-Click on "Lightroom.exe"  to Set Priority to "High"